I just finish doing my oral BI test, everything went well..I just have a talk with my teacher about my future, i told her that i want to be a internet marketer because i really interested in this job..why?

  • have a lot of time to spend with my family
  • I’m the boss, nobody can give me an order
  • Can start work at anytime
  • Can wear anything even my pyjamas
  • Have a lot of time to spend with my children and wife..(maybe..)
  • I not need to pay for tax
  • I free to do what i want when i working
  • the income is Awesome!, someone has get rm15,000 a month from blogging..
  • The job is easy,i will not sweat even once!
  • No need to meet anyone, talk with anyone

In America, blogging is a successful career, they earn thousand of money a month so not be a mistake if we follow them isn’t? We also can do the same things as they did!

Nowadays many people that quit their full time job and work as full time blogger and earm more than their income! If we want to be a doctor that the income just rm5000 or more, we need a master or phd or something equivalent..We need to study hard and spend thousand of money to finish our study for income rm5000 or more, but blogger income is more than rm10,000 a month without having master or phd.. so make your choice and start your first step todays! I not said we not need to study but we must take right steps..But don’t forget about backup plan, like my teacher said..I believe and trust what she said because she has many experience in facing hard and tough in life..

We must open minded so we will take clever steps..for me acts at the right time is better than wait for the right time to come..Many people in Malaysia thinks that to get wealth life, must become doctor or something like that, must study overseas to get big income..they think that they is no easy ways to get money..They don’t believe, They don’t dare to try, They alfraid to fail..This is the truth, i also alfraid to fails but i believe in my heart that i can success in my own ways..

I have found many people that success in their life just become full time blogger, but most of them is chinese people..They know how to react at the right time and not alfraid to fails..that why malay people still cannot defeat them..I regret about this..

First Malaysian Full time Blogger is Liew Cheon Fong, he is the author at liewcf.com , he earn more than webmaster income about rm5000 a month!

Chan lilian who is the author of 5xmom.com ,she earn rm15,000 a month and her minimum income is rm10,000! what do you think? just work from home..This is not her faith or destiny, anyone can achieve it if they do in the right ways..

I believe in my self, i will be like them one day, wish me luck okey!

I repeat again that remember to prepare for backup plan..i think to take webmasters course if i can go to university while continue blogging until i archieve what i want!

I wonder if i can get what i dream...

**Teacher i know you will angry about this entry because they are many broken english..sorry..